High Velocity Wipe-On Wax High Velocity Wipe-On Wax

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Specially formulated for the demands of skiboarding, our High Velocity Wipe-on wax is good for all temperatures.

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Specially formulated for the demands of skiboarding, High Velocity Wipe-on wax is good for all temperatures. This is a high fluorinated wax made for all snow conditions and the full range of riding temperatures. After 10 years of field testing with existing wipe-on waxes on the market, under a variety of riding conditions using numerous models of skiboards of different lengths and base types, we found the perfect formula. This not only protects the bases of your skiboards, but provides the superior glide you need for a fun day on the slopes.

We consider this High Velocity Wipe-on Wax the perfect easy-to-apply wax for skiboards and the next best thing to hot waxing. We don’t put our name on just any product, but only what we deem to be of the highest quality and this wax is no exception. Container was designed to be more compact and thus easier to stow away, while providing the same quantity of wax (50ml) as you would find in other wax brands that in larger containers. It’s even strawberry scented! Sponge applicator included. Comes complete with instructions in self-sealing container to keep your wax fresh.

Waxing Instructions (included on the back of the container):

Method 1: Apply a thin layer using applicator pad to dry, clean base. Let dry and buff smooth.

Method 2: Dry and heat base with hair dryer. Apply thin layer of wax using applicator pad. Melt into base with hair dryer. Let dry and buff smooth.

NOTE: Method 2 will provide better protection and also last longer than Method 1, coming closer to the protection and glide of a hot wax due to the higher wax content of this formula.

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