Summit Skiboards Testimonials

Summit Skiboards Testimonials

Skiboards, Only One Answer: Summit Skiboards

Endorsed by Mike Juron

Twenty-two years ago I injured my knee and never thought I would ski, or never ski the way I loved to ski again. An associate at work let me borrow his “shorties,” a pair of 99 cm Line Ski Boards. Now 47 years old and I am still Skiboarding, more today than any other year in my life.

Standing in the lift lines or riding the chairlifts I am always asked about the boards I ride today, a pair of Summit Custom 110 cm Skiboards. I must tell my story and the sheer enjoyment I have on my boards 2-3 times a day.

Three years ago it was time for new boards. Rather than spend hours reading countless reviews on line, I called I spent almost an hour on the phone with Doc. His knowledge of the market and his passion for the sport could not have been more apparent. Eventually my many questions ended up in Doc’s recommendation of a pair of Summit Skiboards. I could not be happier with his recommendation, my choice, and since my purchase more than 10 of my friends have converted to Summit Skiboards from their traditional long sticks.
Summit Skiboards are an exceptional product. They provide a twin tip design with a wider contoured shape that improves performance when burning the long cruisers or pounding through the moguls and glades. The contoured shape pushes you effortlessly through the long turns when cruising or the short aggressive turns required in the bumps and woods. Combining the Atomic Step-in-Bindings with these boards makes the perfect pairing for the casual rider and gives the confidence needed for the aggressive rider. The quality and design of the Summit Skiboards out perform any other Skiboards I have ridden over the last 20 years. I would strongly recommend Summit Skiboards and to anyone looking for a new pair of boards to enjoy a day or season on the slopes.

First off… MAJOR COOL FACTOR! You’re not on a snowboard, you’re not on a traditional ski, you’re on a mix/mash of the two. They are shorter than skis, so independent turning comes easier. They are wider like a snowboard so you get deep carving into the turns. Now combine those two thoughts alone, now you’re independently deep carving with ease. Throw a patch of tree trails in, now you got a choose your own adventure path making tight quick turns that long skis and snowboards can’t dare to venture through. Talk about a whole new element to a snow sport…. when you’re done messing around in the beauty of tree skiing, it’s time to glide down the mountain with intense speed. The long swooping turns while holding that edge will have you practically parallel with the hill dragging glove like a surfer would touch the inside of a barrel run…. that still not enough for you? Make a quick turn, heck, why not even twist around and skiboard fakie over to the terrain park you may have never experienced…. dump into a half pipe and watch how easy it is to turn at the top not having the Long skis, Hit a transition box and stay straight and pop off on the end, you just rode your first box, hit a few bumps and go for some air on the big jumps. After the long day of this, you’ll be there the next day for first chair… By far the most fun, exhilarating, fastest learning adrenaline pumping snow sport ever. I’m SURE I can speak for all skiboards when I say, I DARE YOU TO TRY! (Disclaimer: I will no be held responsible for your new found love and addition to skiboarding)” Lyle S.

Specific Product Testimonials

Summit 88

My first impression of the Summit Jade 87 cm blades with Risers when I got them, WOW! Coming from a professional rollerskating and rollerblading background, I knew these skiboards were top of the line at first glance. I can tell there was a lot of time taken to develop such perfection in every detail. The skis are incredibly fast and carve like they are on rails! I was amazed at how light and how maneuverable they are. Even, being a big guy, I had no problem twisting and turning. I am still a beginner when it comes to skiboards, but I had no problem strapping them on and flying down the mountain as if I was on my rollerblades. It is definitely true what they say about the learning curve for these skiboards, anyone can strap them on have a blast on the very first day! Noble


These are great — Lots of fun! My son could ski from the first moment. So it was great. Thanks, Fisico


I know I’m a little late on sending this but I wanted to post or tell my story of the Summit Jade 87’s my Wife and I both bought from you. We love them. They are great handling and confidence building. I was tackling hills and carving turns that I wouldn’t have normally. My Wife was doing the same. We are both very novice skier’s and I can say this purchase was a excellent choice. Your expert help on the selection nailed down the equipment we needed. Your fast shipping got the equipment to us quickly. We are extremely happy with the Jade 87 skiboards. If anyone is considering them I would say go for it. We even had the people at the resorts asking us about them….!!!! They are a real attention getter on the slopes. Thanks again,
Jamie and Cindi
Martinsville, Indiana


It was an easy transition from skis to skiboards. After a few runs to get used to them, I found it was easy to make tighter turns, even without poles. A few days in, I was back to skiing on both powder and moguls. The experience was really enjoyable and the skiboards were a great conversation topic on the long lift rides.

The only part that took a bit longer to get used to was the lack of poles when maneuvering in tight spots like the lift lines. Aside from that I loved the maneuverability on the slopes and the fun you could have on the skiblades.


Riding: summit jade 87 and technine custom snowboard bindings


Summit 95 

These were my “go-to” skis this past season. They did everything I asked of them brilliantly. Love them, so glad I made the decision to buy them. I love all my Summit Skiboards but these are my all-around favorite!

Lana Wilder


Summit 99 and Carbon 99
These boards are great fun! The first time out on them I felt confident and excited to try new tricks I hadn’t done on skis, but knew I could do on skates!

So many people come up to me in lift lines and ask about my skiboards. Families on vacation are like ‘Wow! Those are great!’ and we talk about how much easier it is to wrangle the little kids without stepping on their skis and having to deal with poles when you are trying to put gloves on the children.

I have so much fun ripping through the bumps at Mary Jane, Colorado! Never have to pick a line, just happily ski whatever comes my way! In fact, they are super fun and easy to try just be creative, jump, spin or whatever. These feel just like skating with edges that can carve as much as you want. Easy to control backwards and forwards — makes teaching the little ones simple too! I don’t know why they don’t rent these to beginners too!

If you can already ski well, these make even very difficult terrain easy, it’s just like running downhill but with a glide.

Lisa, Ice Skater, Colorado


The Summit Carbon Pro 99’s that Doc and the staff at sent me were perfect! They shipped them to the resort to which we were going and they were waiting for us when we arrived. The boards worked flawlessly; I was able to adapt quickly to them and have nothing but fun the entire trip. Light, fast and agile… all that ski boards should be.

Richard Lawrence, PharmD, Fort Myers, FL


Bought my Summit Nomad 99’s two winters ago for playing on Michigan’s joke of hills and love them…They are just as fast as my 180 all mountain skis and turn great, but are so easy to travel with and so much more versatile…great product! Buying a bag now!

Steven McCullough‎


Summit 106cm Skiboards with Salomon Release Bindings
Having not ridden these before production I had some trepidation about whether these would perform as we had designed them. It was at wolf creek, later october They had a 28″ base with 10″ of fresh on top. Sunny colorado day.
I put them on, got right on the lift and there I was at the top ready to ride down.

Initially, as with anything took a little getting used to the length, sweet spots and conditions. Didn’t take long and here was my experience. OMG! These are so smooth, handle powder so effortlessly without leaning back. Fast turning due to rockers.s I was truly impressed with how easily they turned, how smooth a ride on the long groomed and in moguls, a delight to ride. Super quick, fast yet quick turning. I was so happy to ride these and relieved that all our design work paid off. If you want something that turns on a dime, rides powder with ease, flies down the groomed runs with such a smoothness and will tackle anything on the mountain these are a great choice.

Doc Roberts, owner, Summit Skiboards


Summit 110 and Carbon 110
I’ve been skiboarding on and off for the past 10 years. This year decided to spend more time with the family on the slopes and wanted to upgrade my boards. Talked with the team at and they recommended the Summit Custom 110′s. Coming from a more traditional skiboard of 99 cm long and 80 mm wide, I was a bit apprehensive about going to a 110 cm width. Needless to say, that was unfounded! Got them on the slopes yesterday and they performed incredibly! Easy to turn, more stable, and handled extremely well in warmer weather as the groomed slopes started to slush a bit. My 12-year old son “borrowed” them later in the day and hit the black diamond slopes for his first time and did well! He too noticed the great performance of these boards and he is an intermediate boarder. Kudos to these great skiboards! Rob

These were the BEST boards I ever rode. I experienced incredible speed, a lot more than I was expecting. I pretty much beat every one of my buds down the mountain all season long. The 110 length I found was GREAT in the parks, pipes and jumps. I liked that they were equally as great just thrashing down long downhill runs. I especially LOVE, when at high speeds, there’s no need to slow down for tight turns, just a little lean, drag a glove, and these carve right in and hold you in your turn like you’re on rails. (I ski in North East US, lots of packed & ice even). Parks, Pipes, Jumps, Downhills, High Speed, forward and backwards… AND easy to carry to and from the lodge from the car (I strap them to my Ogio backpack that has a snowboard strap, these fit perfect). And they fit inside my car. There simply is no better. May have to pick up a pair of the new Carbon Pro 110’s.

Lyle S.


I have a pair of last year’s model. They were the best thing since sliced bread. Just picked up a pair of this year’s model and will be expecting the same all over mountain awesome performance! Tim


I recently purchased a set of Summit 110 Custom ski boards with Technine Custom Snowboard Bindings from you and tested them out yesterday at our nearest indoor ski slope! Just in case you need a testimonial for your website I thought i should let you know… I have been using Salomon Snowblades now for over 15 years with hard bindings and conventional ski boots. After using the Summit 110 Customs with the Technine bindings I can honestly say that this set up takes ski boarding to a new level! Not only are snowboard boots and bindings a 100% improvement in comfort and control but the boards handle immaculately and are very stable at speed enabling fast long easy carving with complete confidence. Totally superb bit of kit!!


Summit Invertigo 118cm Rocker/Camber

I have now been on these boards for more then 10 days. All I can say is wow!!! The first day was at Gore Mountian in New York. Nice day hard packed powder. From the first carve I could feel the difference. I did 18 hard, fast runs that day and they handled like a dream. Great on the cruisers… effortless list carving pushing you through each turn. Got them on the steeps and bumps and they responded… soft and responsive again with effortless turns. Did the next few days at Gore with improved handling and response each day.

The next test was Whiteface Mountian in New York. Again hard packed northeast riding. Once again the Rockers had no problems handling the hard pack and even the ice. Didn’t chatter once on the ice or steeps. Supper fast riding on a hard service and never once did I experience an challenge with these boards. Just an incredible all mountain feel.

In search of Powder I headed west to Calgary, Alberta…. Skiboarded Lake Louise on what was one of the best riding days of my life. If you have not been their it should be on your bucket list. Just a special place!!! I was by myself so I hooked up with a few younger locals and they gave me the grand tour. We were all over the mountian, cruisers, glades, trees, bowls, steeps, and bumps. Even hicked to the more then 500 feet to the summit!!!! The 118’ss took everything I could throw at them and handled it with ease and comfort. In the deeper snow the Rockers rode high and kept me on the surface so I could enjoy the soft snow and feel in complete control all the way down. Took them into the glades and trees and they out performed the youngsters I was riding with allowing me to carve and navigate the woods like a pro.

This weekend is Okemo in Vermont, then on to Whiteface and then finish of January at Mt Snow, Vermont.

I have been Skiboarding for more then 15 years. These are by far the best boards I have ever used. Just a complete all mountian performance leaving you with nothing but a smile each and every run.

Live everyday to the fullest and never stop riding!!!

Mike Juron, East Coast Rider…..


My thoughts on the Rockers: no thoughts, just pure enjoyment. BEING on Rockers, shushing through the powder and trees stops the thoughts and just leaves a stream of pure enjoyment. They turn really fast – very responsive. Great in trees, powder, moguls and even skiing over ice. I feel very stable on them. They have all the best features of the 99’s and all the best features of the 125’s, and then some. I love being on the rockers. I’ve been skiboarding since 1997, and I love skiboarding. But this year has been the most fun by far because of the 118 Rockers. As easy it is to be a good skier on Skiboards, Rockers make it easier and even more fun – I never thought it was possible to have more fun on the slopes than I was with the 99s and 125s, but with the 118 Rockers I do. In short, Skiboard 188 Rockers Rock! (I guess Rock is a 4 letter word on the slopes – should I say, Skiboard Rockers . . . , you fill in the word)

Henry Aiy’m Fellman

Boulder, Colorado


I am a 67 year old man that has skied since the age of 12. That’s 55 years of skiing. Until a few years ago, I could ski anything including, the trees, bumps, black diamonds, etc. Over the past several years I have not been as comfortable on my standard length skis and had given up the more extreme types of skiing. I could no longer feel safe in my ability to turn quickly so had started to limit myself to more of the groomer type slopes. I, as a result, became bored with skiing since I could no longer excel in tough terrain. A friend of mine with whom I had never skied with before asked me to go skiing with him. We went up to Winter Park and he had these strange short skis. He could go anywhere and he was my age. He offered to let me use a second pair that he owned (Summit 118 rocker skiboards). What a difference these skis made. I was back in the trees and on the bumps the first day I tried them. These skis allowed me to turn effortlessly in difficult terrain and I was once again skiing the difficult slopes I love. These skis have resurrected my skiing career. I can’t wait to get a pair of my own. Best Regards,

Bill Dettmann


We got 30 plus inches a few days back and now it was time to get out to checkout some new boards. Got out yesterday on a set of Summit Invertigo Rocker 118’s.


Slopes had been pretty well skied off, with lots of spots with 1 ft of heavy powder, crud, ice etc. Grooves and piles all over the place – No pure fresh light powder. I am 6′ and around 180 pounds with out gear and extra clothing.

The Summit Rocker 118s are great in the conditions I love. They are a bit firmer in the flex which I like. I felt I got more support from the board forward and aft when needed. They seem to me to be easier to initiate my turns with, maybe because of the shorter length and slight camber.

For some reason I am able to switch to fakey at speed and back again easier than with my other skiboards. Or any other board for that matter. I am not sure why as these do have some camber. With my other skiboards I can hear the tips slap on chopped up hard pack at times. Not an issue at all just softer tips so they can bounce a bit. None of that with the 118s, although I did not get to ski any really firm groomed or frozen groomed yesterday.

These do have 2mm camber but I couldn’t feel it, although it could be the reason for faster turn initiation and easier control. Not that extra control was needed, but its there.

The top sheet on the board is quite amazing. Not sure how its done or what it is but, so far very durable, cool look. Looks like a clear coat of snake skin. Can’t see it in pictures.

End result:

These boards will take the place of my other brand of skiboards. I will start to head into the glades with them more and see how it goes. I look forward to getting out in fresh new powder to see how they do as well. 

Ken Bellerose


OMG, this was sweet right from the start. While I had ridden a prototype last season, you never know once production arrives. My day started at Wolf Creek with 24′ base and about 6-8″ powder. Blue sky, powder day! I put them to the test – in powder, hardpack, soft, moguls and these ripped. Awesome, Amazing — words like these don’t do the Rockers justice. Cosmic is more appropriate.
I am thoroughly delighted with the performance of the new Rockers and so many sweet spots to explore due to the rocker/camber profile, these are absolute super fun. Truly these are the one pair of skiboards does it all.
Yes they do ride up through powder, turn like a 99cm, are fast like something longer and carving is a sheer joy. You won’t be disappointed with these for sure.

Doc Roberts, Owner, Summit Skiboards


Just back from my first week riding Summit Rocker 118 skiboards.

Excellent over a wide range of terrain.
Awesome. Thanks,


Summit Marauder 125

I have owned five pairs of boards, beginning with Solomon SB10s (which even 10 years later, are still great). All of my previous boards have been 99-110 cm in length. I ski a lot in the East, where boards are a great choice on ice. In the past, I have switched to long skis when I get on powder (where boards just don’t provide enough float). I was originally reluctant to go up to a 125 cm board (it sort of defeats the purpose), but I was hoping to get one set that would be appropriate for mixed conditions (like during a late winter snow in Vermont). As it turns out, there is NO compromise in these boards. They are incredibly responsive and FAST! I ski a lot of icy moguls (where shorter boards have been great), and these boards are every bit as maneuverable as shorter boards, and every bit as fun. However, on jumps and at high speeds (which these boards are capable of), they perform more like long skis and are VERY stable (no chatter like short boards). I’ve only skied them once on real powder (and it wasn’t deep), but there was enough float that I never “stuck” (which is certainly not the case with 99 or 110 cm boards). In total these are phenomenal boards, by far the best that I have ever used.
Louis M.


Due to some scheduling complications, I only just this weekend was able to get out on my new skis. We ran down to Whitefish (MT), because they got a dump. I LOVE MY SKIBOARDS! The 106cm Summit skis were PERFECT! So fun in the trees in hella deep powder. When I tried out rentals from you last year, I didn’t get the chance to try them on powder, due to conditions, so I was worried I would sink. Nope! They were AWESOME! Love love love!

Carrie Behlke

High River, Alberta


I started riding full length skis at age 10. As I got older, I started wondering why skis had to be so long and cumbersome. I took out a book from the library on snow sports and discovered skiboarding. I tried the Salomon Snowblades for a couple of seasons and realized they weren’t great. Going back to my long skis, I yearned for a greater experience. I researched skiboards again and found out about Summit Skiboards. I ordered the Marauder 125 despite what the local ski shops kept telling me. However, all of Summit’s descriptions of their products turned out to be true. These skiboards ride much better than even my old skis. They are not lighter, but are much more maneuverable and user friendly. I ride them on steep tree runs with powder whenever I can. They are much better than any long skis I have tried and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys alpine snow sports. Don’t listen to what the local shops say, listen to what has to say! Howard C.


Initially, as with anything took a little getting used to the length, sweet spots and conditions. Didn’t take long and here was my experience – Best Experience, Best service

For years my partner begged me to go skiing in Japan. Eventually I caved in and book and trip to Japan. We didn’t mess around and had a ski lesson booked on arrival. As a nervous person on unsteady surfaces, I found it extremely nerve racking and frustrating. For the next 2 days I persisted while I watched with envy as my partner snowboarded past me and I could hear all the laughter from everyone else enjoying themselves. Then I remembered a fellow worker who had worked in the ski fields in Australia talking about Skiboards. So off I went to the rental shop and picked up a pair of Head 94 Ski boards. The shorter length allowed me to feel more confident on my feet, more in control.

I soon gathered the courage to take my first lift ride and by the end of that first afternoon, I travelled on the longest Gondala in Japan to the top of the mountain and completed a 4km forest run. I could do all that I was supposed to do on a big ski but with more ease. I was addicted, I felt that for the first time in my life that I accomplished a sport that was adventurous, fun and I was good at. I was enjoying my new experience so much that we extended our trip to spend more days on the snow and skiboarding.

When we arrived back to Australia, I researched all the sites and it became evident that Skiboards were difficult to purchase in Australia. All the blogs and reviews kept leading me back to one site – I began my conversation with Doc, asking some very basic questions. Each time, my messages were quickly answered and I was guided to the extra reading material on the to help make my decision to purchase a new pair of Summit Custom 110 Skiboards with Atom quick release bindings. Well I didn’t quite get to the point of purchasing my new skiboards myself, as my constant talk about Skiboards, Doc and the site to my partner, resulted in him suprising me with my new Summit Custom 110’s for my 40th Birthday.

With 4 months left until our next Japan trip, my bags are packed and my skiboards have pride of place in the study ready for me to tackle the slopes with confidence and excited to try new and exciting tricks and just enjoy myself.

Kind Regards
Nicole Plozza


I have been skiing for a long time but it was only last year that I had the chance to try the new summit ski boards .

It was around January 2014 and I was planning my ski trip for this year …

For the past ten years I have been going every year on a week of 100% snow and fun .

Since we don’t have almost any local snow we fly to the European countries (france,Italy,Austria) that are not so far away.

Being that we have only one week to ski the whole year we don’t like to gamble and try to make the most of it .

I came across the skiboards a year before when my brother ordered a pair of 99 cm and was very happy with them .

I went on line and out of all the boards around I fell in love with the summit marauders right away !!!

From the moment I decided it was very easy …

I got in touch with doc which explained a bit more about the boards and helped me out with the shipping process .

Within less than 2 weeks the skiboards were in my arms after making the very long way from the shop to my home in tlv.

Taking the summit marauders to the snow for the first time was as if they were main for years .

I felt comfortable on and off the slope , in the deep snow as well as in the hard packed fast going trails .

From then on it was just about having fun and getting better and faster with them .

I really recommend any skier to give these a try , I only wish I would have done it before …

Can’t wait for the winter to arrive.

Chen lev-ran
Tel aviv israel


Summit marauders performed at Wolf Creek Colorado, Burke, Vt and Jay, Vt. These are the BEST for glades,powder, ice, groomers, steeps, and moguls. Doc is the MAN!

Mike Smith