Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the big deal about skiboards?

Skiboards are incredibly easy to learn (one to two runs is average), most people don't need lessons as it feels so natural, especially if you have skills in roller blading, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hockey, even dancing, etc. It is a natural crossover. We do recommend that total beginners and newcomers to the slopes take lessons however so they know how to get on and off the lift. But most important, they are a blast from the first day and provide the freedom and control to do whatever you want and go wherever you want on the mountain. That's what snowriding is supposed to be all about — fun and total freedom!

How does skiboarding compare to skiing?

Often when skiers in particular get up on skiboards, they try to apply the same principles that they learned for skiing — lean down the mountain over your tips, for example. When skiers apply these strategies, they often comment that there is too much chattering and that they lack control and don't carve well at speed. However, the stance for skiboarding is more like the stance for skating or roller blading — standing up, not leaning over the tips. The effective carving edge for skiboards (in this sense similar to skis) is under your boots. Standing up on skiboards allows the skiboards to do their job — the side cuts and flex kick in and you can then have stability and control in carving. It often takes skiers a few runs to realize it isn't skiing anymore, it is more like skating or even a combination of skating and snowboarding and thus, they begin to realize the incredible freedom, control and total fun that skiboarding offers. The learning curve is extremely short compared to snowboarding or skiing and certainly less painful!

How to choose which pair to get?

One way to choose depends on what you plan to do on your skiboards. Do you want to try tricks and jumps in the terrain parks, do moguls or glade runs, or lay out some mean carves on the groomed runs? Do you want to go where no one has gone before, into unmarked territory, deep snow or get dropped off by helicopter in the middle of nowhere? If you want to go into unmarked territory, jam through deep powder (don't we all) and love speed, the 110 cm to 125 cm Summit skiboards are a good choice.

Shorter lengths, like 79 cm to 99 cm are easier for moguls, trees and playing on the open runs.
For cruising, big air and tricks and all mountain, the 95 cm to 110 cm length is appropriate.

If you would like help in choosing the right pair of Summit Skiboards, feel free to email us at: or call us toll free (U.S. & Canada) at 866-754-2627 or 970-884-2947 international.

What boots can I use with Summit Skiboards?

You can use regular ski boots with Ski Release Bindings or use your own non-release fixed bindings. If you prefer, you can also use any snowboard boots with our Technine Custom Pro Snowboard Bindings and Riser Kit.

Will skiboards fit soft snowboard boots?

Yes, snowboard boots can be used in conjunction with the Technine Custom Pro Snowboard Bindings and Summit Riser Kit. Any of our skiboards with the 40mmX40mm mounting pattern can be used such as the Summit ZR 88, Summit Ecstatic 99, Easy Rider 79, Carbon Pro 99 and the Bamboo Pro 110. You can also use them on the EZ95 and Invertigo 118.

Can I put my own snowboard bindings on skiboards?

Yes! You will need our Summit Snowboard Riser Kit to elevate your bindings and we suggest an additional strap at the top to hold you boots in place.

If I don't ski, how long will it take to learn skiboarding?

Most people learn how to skiboard within a few runs and from there, the learning curve accelerates quickly. Skiboarding is much easier to learn than skiing or snowboarding. You can start having fun from the first day. Wait till you try this! You'll be jamming! The skills totally transfer to the snow, like roller blading on the snow. You will also be great, right from the first day, no kidding!

What if I'm a skater — hockey, ice, roller or inline?

Your skills transfer quite easily to the slopes. Similar muscles, balance except that you are going downhill so don't have to push off to get momentum. You will be absolutely amazed how easily you take to skiboards, they were made by skaters originally and continue to handle just like skates. We would recommend the Easy Rider 79 cm, ZR 88 cm or Ecstatic 99 cm as these are the most skate-like.

What about poles?

You can certainly use poles, but most skiboarders find that they just get in the way and are unnecessary. Poles are typically used by skiers to make turns. You don't have to restrict yourself to ski turns on skiboards, however. A lot of skiboarders who do use poles choose telescopic poles so they can use them when they want to and tuck them in a backpack when not needing them.

What about Waxing?

You need wax! With the short planks, wax makes sure you glide down the mountain easily. It also protects your bases. It also  Best is hot wax. Wipe on wax is second best.

Anything else I need?

You may want a skiboard bag to protect your boards. Make sure that you have good fitting skiboard boots. Make sure you do not hit them together either on the lift or when riding to keep the top sheets looking new.

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