Rent Summit Skiboards by Mail

Rent Summit Skiboards by Mail




We make it easy to truly enjoy your skiboarding experience from the moment your rental skiboards arrive. Your skiboards come ready to go, all you have to do is adjust the bindings to your boots (with release bindings you also set the release DIN setting) and hit the slopes! For Snowboard Bindings, you’ll need to tighten 4 screws on each (instructions included).

This Rent Skiboards by Mail program is the perfect way for you and your family to try out skiboards you normally wouldn’t be able to rent, or even find anywhere else. Whether you’re planning to try out your skills on the wide open groomers or rip it up in the moguls, the rental by mail program has something for everyone! Maximize your time on the mountain this season by having the best skiboard rental equipment possible!

• Rent by the day (limited to 7 day maximum rental and 2 day minimum).

We don’t charge for shipping time, just the days you use them.


(charges are per day)

With Release Adjustable Ski Boot Bindings:

Summit Easy Rider 79cm with Ski Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit EZ 95 cm with Ski Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit 88 cm with Ski Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit Ecstatic 99cm or Carbon Pro 99cm with Ski Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit Sk8 96cm Rocker with Ski Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit GroovN 106cm Rocker with Ski Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit Invertigo Rocker 118cm with Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit 110cm with Release Bindings – $35.00

Summit Marauder 125cm with Ski Release Bindings – $35.00

With Snowboard Bindings:

Summit Ecstatic 99 with Technine Snowboard Bindings/Risers – $44.00

Summit 88cm with Technine Snowboard Bindings/Risers – $44.00

Summit Sk8 96cm with Technine Snowboard Bindings/Risers – $44

Summit GroovN 106cm with Technine Snowboard Bindings/Risers – $44.00

Summit Invertigo 118cm with Technine Snowboard Bindings/Risers – $44.00

Summit Marauder 125cm with Technine Snowboard Bindings/Risers – $44.00

Ski Boot Rentals? We don’t rent ski boots by mail, but most local resorts and rental shops offer boots for rent.

Renting Skiboards By Mail

As Simple as 1,2,3:

1. Complete and submit skiboards rental agreement below. Then call 1-800-784-0540 to arrange for payment. We only charge when ready to ship out to you.

(Note clicking this link takes you to that rents Summit Skiboards):


2Enjoy riding skiboards and having the time of your life.

3. When your rental period is over, simply return them. We pay return shipping. Repackage in original box, attach the enclosed shipping label and drop off at a UPS delivery point (possibly your hotel) or call 1-800-PICKUPS and they will pick them up.. Many resorts have regular UPS pickup.

More Details:

Two day minimum rental required on all rental skiboards. Limit 7 days maximum. Sorry – only Continental U.S. destinations.Rental skiboards are shipped by 3 day UPS Guaranteed Delivery direct to your location of choice (includes your home or vacation rental) to arrive the day before you need them (NOTE: no weekend deliveries). UPS 3 day guaranteed shipping charge is $55 for the first pair; $42 for each additional pair. IF YOU NEED THEM FASTER – CALL US.

Skiboard Purchase after Rental:

New skiboard purchase must be made within 30 days of end of rental period. One skiboard rental qualifies for one skiboard purchase deduction. Ex. If you rent two pairs of skiboards, you can deduct the price of one rental period off the price of one skiboard, then purchase another skiboard and deduct that second pair rental total off that. Outlet items are excluded.

If you need assistance in choosing specific skiboard rentals, call for recommendations or refer to our Choosing the Right Skiboards page.

NOTE: Rentals returned that are broken, damaged, missing parts or otherwise abused will be assessed repair charges or replacement charges unless due to manufacturer warranty.

If rentals are not returned, you will be charged the full cost of replacement unless you notify us that you want to purchase them. Make sure to return your rentals immediately after your rental period expires.



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