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Atomic Strive MNC 11 High Performance Ski Bindings


The new Atomic Strive MNC 11 High Performance Release Ski Bindings are made for advanced to aggressive riders. Built for high performance, these automatic release bindings come with a higher DIN range of 3.5-11.

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The Atomic Strive 11 GW Ski Bindings are an all-new lightweight resort ripper for responsive free riding. The design of the LDN toe piece puts you close to the snow for maximum contact and response, enhancing power transmission for a smooth on-snow feel. The superlight design is reinforced with metal in key areas, and 45mm of elastic travel means they can handle rough riding without letting you down. The low profile Strive 11 bindings set a new standard in all-mountain performance.  

The Strive 11 is Multi Norm Certified, which means it works with all types of soles – DIN, Touring and Walk To Ride (WTR) – and fits every normed boot in the market.  Provides extra lateral power transmission, steering, flex and dampening.  It has a DIN range of 3.5 to 11. It also features a Low Profile Chassis, Progressive Transfer Pads and a special lightweight heel that keeps your skiboard nice and agile.

Toe Piece

LDN Toe – Low. Direct. Neutral. These are the design characteristics of the revolutionary new LDN Toe piece. A lower center of gravity places the binding closer to the skiboard for better next-to-snow feel and the wide base delivers more direct response and reaction throughout the turn. The flatter, neutral stance puts the skiboarder in a more balanced position by preserving the natural flex and arc of the skiboards. The toe adapts automatically to your alpine normed boot height and ensures constant release values, even on worn out boots.

Heel Piece

Locking Brakes – The brakes feature a smartly designed clip-in system that locks the skiboards together as you throw them over your shoulder, making long hauls easy!

Additional Features

Height – 19.6mm

Adjustment Range – 30mm

TÜV Certified

Atomic Bindings are designed to allow full flex of the skiboards. This offers significant advantages over fixed, non-release bindings as well as riser plates mounted with ski bindings.

Atomic Ski Binding Flex of Skiboards
Atomic Ski Binding Flex of Skiboards

Boot size range: 262-382mm

We mount your bindings for free including free wide brakes.

Warranty: 1 year