Skiboards Detuning Procedures

Skiboards Detuning Procedures

Instructions on how to De-tune your Skiboards

When brand new, all skis, snowboard and skiboards have sharp edges. These sharp edges can cause your boards to feel grabby or some report that they are hard to control. So de-tuning may be desired if the tips and tails tend to catch or to make initiating and ending turns easier, especially for novices, extreme or off-piste riders or park tricks. Rockered skis can also benefit from either de-tuning or increasing the base bevels at tips and tails to avoid catching them when riding on hard-pack or icy conditions.

De-tuning is the dulling of the sharpened edge to reduce the bite of the edge and ease the transition of the edges at the tips and tails to make for easier turning. We recommend purchasing our Quick Mini Tune Kit. This includes not only a detune stone, but edger to keep your edges sharp, wax, applicator and buff pad with complete instructions.

Here’s How: 

  1. Identify the contact points. When placed on a flat surface this is where the edges (front and rear) begin to curve off the surface.
  2. Secure your ski in the vice with the base facing up.
  3. Use your Detuning stone in smooth, continuous strokes horizontal against the edge at the target contact points to round off the sharp edge.


Take it easy at first rounding only about 1/2 inch on each target area. Then test to see how your boards feel. It’s far easier and fast to de-tune than sharpen and a little will go a long way. This can be done very easily and quickly, a little at a time between or even in the middle of a run as you feel the skis or snowboard and can make minute adjustments relative to current feedback, until you are satisfied.