Atomic Strive 11 Performance Bindings

Atomic Warden Strive MNC 11 High Performance Ski Bindings


The new Atomic Strive MNC 11 High Performance Release Ski Bindings are made for advanced to aggressive riders. Built for high performance, these automatic release bindings come with a higher DIN range of 3.5-11.

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The Atomic Warden Strive MN 11 ski bindings are a solid option to go with any all-mountain skiboard. These are Multi Norm Certified (MN), which means these work with all types of soles – DIN, Touring and Walk To Ride (WTR) – and fits every normed boot in the market.  It has a DIN range of 3.5 to 11. It also features a Low Profile Chassis, Progressive Transfer Pads and a special lightweight heel that keeps your ski nice and agile.

The Atomic Strive MN 11 bindings offer high performance for more aggressive riders with a better fitting range of boot types. Heavy duty construction with a full range of boot size adjustments. If you ride your skiboards hard, in moguls, parks or wherever, these are what you want. These bindings are made to allow full flex of the skiboards. These are direct mounted as that provides the best performance (over outdated methods of using riser plates with release bindings) according to decades of product testing by all major binding manufacturers, including Atomic and Salomon.

Boot size range is 253 mm to 376 mm (approx. 4-15 US). Easy to adjust by hand. Skier weight 94-264 lbs.

Color: Black/White

Warranty: 1 year

Manufactured by Atomic/Salomon


  • Multi Norm Certified (MN)
  • Walk To Ride Compatible (WTR)
  • Toe Height Adjustment
  • Automatic Wing Adjustment
  • Low Profile Chassis
  • U-Power Toe
  • Oversized Platform
  • Progressive Transfer Pads
  • Boot size range: 253-376 mm
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