Summit Skiboards – A Commitment to Quality

1) We start with the highest quality skiboard construction materials. This results in not only a smoother, consistent ride so you can enjoy those perfect carves, but this right combination of materials provides amazing stability at speeds that deliver the thrills you crave. We use Northern Hemisphere white birch wood cores, sustainably harvested, providing greater density and thus longer term durability, while at the same time, delivering a smooth, consistent flex for super fun carving. We use durable top sheets made of carbon fiber, bamboo or 3D carbonium for maximum protection as well as greater torsional stiffness (greater carving stability). And they look good too!

2) Our skiboards are hand made, one pair at a time, to ensure consistent quality in production which means you get a great pair of skiboards every time you order. Our commitment is to maximum riding performance and pleasure on the slopes, where it counts. We pay attention to every detail so every pair is the best, giving you that high energy ride you will truly love.

3) Lastly, we construct our skiboards to accommodate multiple binding options. Most of our models will allow for either Release Ski Bindings (like our Atomic bindings), Snowboard bindings (like our Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings with Summit Riser Kit), Bomber Elite Non-Release Bindings and more.

Cutting Edge Performance
How could something so short yield such high performance, like you might experience on much longer skis? This has been our passion from the beginning of the sport of skiboarding: performance that rivals longer traditional skis, yet offers the ability to turn and stop faster and maneuver around obstacles with ease. On Summit Skiboards, you get to feel true liberation, confident that you can go virtually anywhere on the mountain and be in control.

Summit Skiboards are built to perform for anyone, of any ability level. You no longer have to sacrifice stability and consistent flex when choosing to ride something easier. This is why our motto is “Experience the Difference”, because we are literally changing the sport of snowriding for the better.

We will continue to push the envelope of performance through high quality construction, ever allowing you to push the limits of what you thought was possible on the ski slopes, while having more fun than you ever imagined.

Welcome to the Evolution of Snowriding!
The Staff at Summit Skiboards, Inc.