Atomic LR6 Ski Bindings

Tyrolia Adjustable Bindings SLR 7.5 Grip Walk

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Atomic LR6 release ski bindings. This binding is for beginner/intermediate skiers who have boot size no longer than U.S. 11 and features a lower DIN setting of 2-5.

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Tyrolia Adjustable Bindings SLR 7.5 Grip Walk adjust without tools to your ski boots. Just set the release factor (DIN) and off you go. The Tyrolia SLR bindings feature a unique anti blocking system (ABS) which allows the boot to literally glide out of the binding with practically no friction. This puts significantly less load on the knees and ligaments especially in forward twisting falls. Skiboarder safety and the constant release values are unaffected by ice-up, dirt or boot wear. The system is self-cleaning.

The Tyrolia Adjustable Bindings SLR 7.5 Grip Walk sports a 4 roller pincer system with low friction inserts (TRP). This ensures a 180 degree release, a quick return to the initial set position along with an exact boot re-centering upon reentry. This feature also offers a 30% higher retention force with programmed shock-absorption that withstands brief, intense impacts and reduces peak loads on knees and ligaments (shock control). These bindings allow for both heel and toe to be length-adjusted with a single motion of the hand using easy-adjust forward and back sliding plates. The heel flap features an adjustment window for setting the release values in any position, thus eliminating any extra movement of the heel. These bindings accommodate the new Grip Walk boots as well.

Tyrolia SLR 7.5 Bindings Din Range = 2 to 7.5.

Size: Adult approx. 4- 14 US (247-346 mm sole length)