Summit Sk8 96 cm LE Skiboards
Summit Sk8 96 cm LE Skiboards Summit Sk8 96 cm LE Skiboards top Summit Sk8 96 cm LE base Summit Sk8 96 cm LE Skiboards Technine

Summit Sk8 96 cm LE Rocker Camber Skiboards

5.00 out of 5


As the name implies, these skiboards are like skating on snow with fast turns, quick stops and go anywhere attitude.  The Summit Sk8 96 cm Rocker Camber Skiboards for all mountain, all conditions.


The original “one-skiboard-does-it-all design”, presenting the Summit SK8 96 cm LE Rocker/Camber skiboards. As the name implies, these Skate (SK8) skiboards are truly like skating on snow, super easy to turn, stop, spin and whatever you choose to do. These special Skate (SK8) 96 cm skiboards are true all mountain, all condition skiboards. AND the best is, on those blue sky, sunny, untracked powder days, the ones you dream about — OMG! You will never be the same, seriously!

Yes, powder hounds and speed demons — wait until you ride these boards! Like its longer brothers the Invertigo 118 and GroovN 106, these are designed for all mountain riding, being at home anywhere in the ski resort, including those breathtaking steep chutes you see in the ski movies, ripping through moguls or flying through the glades.

Summit SK8 96 cm LE Rocker/Camber Skiboards offers a unique combination of 15% Rocker front tip, 80% traditional camber and 5% rocker tail. If you love super short turning ability, yet may encounter many different conditions, these are the skiboards for you. With traditional camber, you get amazing edge grip on ice/hardpack.

profile rocker camber summit skiboards
profile rocker camber summit skiboards

These rocker skiboards also feature 4 stainless steel inserts allowing the use of Snowboard bindings like the Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings. These can also be mounted with release bindings like the Atomic M10 or Atomic Warden 11 bindings.  Read more about various binding options.

One feature definitely worth mentioning is that these skiboards feature our special 3D Carbonium top sheet that provides amazing durability, yet allows the graphics to pop without distortion. These look so much better in person than we can portray on the web.

These Summit Source SK8 96 cm LE Rocker/Camber Skiboards have symmetrical twin tips (for forward and backward riding). The tip-to-tail Northern Birch/poplar wood core provides a super smooth flex allowing you to truly enjoy your ride every time coupled with the wide body construction and fast sintered graphite bases that offer surprising speed. These will definitely bring a smile to your face all the way down the run. Ready to play?

Recommended for: Beginners, Intermediate to advanced riders.

Great for: Adventurers! These excel in powder and soft snow, big mountain riding, cruising on the open runs (be it intermediate or advanced) and basically anything you care to do.

Sold in pairs.

Base color will vary between Neon Pink with black lettering and black with Neon Pink lettering. Neon pink glows off the snow!

Warranty: 2 years

Groomed: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
All Mountain: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Terrain Parks: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Powder: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Backcountry: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


“These Summit Source Sk8 96 cm Rocker/Camber Skiboards are incredible. I have been playing ice hockey for 20 years and have skied off and on for the same amount of time. These skiboards react very similarly to ice skates. I was able to go down a double black diamond with confidence the first day wearing these. On my normal atomic backcountry skis I’m lucky to make it down a regular black diamond. These skiboards are very reactive to turns and make navigating through trees a breeze.  I recommend anyone who has played hockey give these a try. You won’t regret it.” Rena Herndobler

Tuning: These come with fully tuned edges but will need a base wax before riding for maximum performance and base protection. 

Binding Options:

Atomic M10 Ski Release Bindings: These can come pre-mounted with the Atomic M10 release bindings for the perfect combination for safety, flex and step-in-and-go performance. This includes free mounting. M10 Grip Walk compatible bindings feature: DIN range of 3-10. Twin pivot. Toe height adjustment. Adjustments can be done by hand and fits ski boot sizes 261-384 mm (approximately US size 4 – 14 U.S.). Atomic L6 release bindings are also available (boot sizes 229-336 mm sole length (approx. US Size 2-11)

Atomic Strive MNC 11 High Performance Step-in Release Bindings: Take a step up in performance with higher DIN setting (3.5-11) for you truly adventurous souls. High performance construction for those who charge it, like jumps, tree runs and all. Beefed up bindings for more advanced riders. Comes with free mounting and wide brakes at no extra charge. These Atomic bindings do not inhibit flex in any way and bend with your skiboards thus providing maximum performance. Boot size range is 262mm to 382mm (approx. 4-15 US). Easy to adjust by hand. Skier weight 94-264 lbs.

Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard BindingsThese were designed by us to work perfectly with skiboards, while allowing you the comfort of using snowboard boots on your skiboards. For 8 years running now, these have a proven track record of skiboard performance with snowboard Technine Pro Snowboard Bindingsboots. The Custom Snowboard bindings feature 3 padded rachet straps to hold you in place when carving. This allows a more stable interface between boots and bindings. The benefit of this is maximum power transfer to your skiboard edges with no lag. This has always been a problem UNTIL NOW!! Includes Summit Snowboard Binding Riser Kit. Fits snowboard boot sizes 7-14 US. NOTE: Your local resort may require leashes for both feet. To purchase leashes click here.

Note: While there are currently no specific guidelines or laws preventing the use of non-release bindings on skiboard.  Should you choose to use snowboard bindings you do so at your own risk knowing full well that there is the chance of injury.




Bags: The 100 cm Carry Bag fits these with ski bindings. If you order with snowboard bindings choose the 130 cm Padded Skiboard Bag Double.

More about Choosing the Right Skiboards.

Additional information


Snowboard Bindings Adaptor Kit, Atomic M10 Release Bindings, Atomic Warden Strive MNC 11 High Performance Ski Bindings, Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings, Without Bindings

Ability Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

Preferred Bindings

Ski Release Bindings, Snowboard Bindings

Preferred Terrain

Backcountry/Powder, Groomed, On/off Trail, Terrain Park


Rocker/Camber Design: a unique combination of Rocker/Camber construction — 15% rocker in front with 4 mm rise, 5% rear with 4 mm rise and 80% camber. This makes for super easy turn initiation, a very short turn radius, great in powder and playing in the parks as well as cruising the groomed runs.

ABS Sidewall Construction: Crafted with ABS sidewall construction, the Rocker 118 construction provides many advantages over cap construction. Among these advantages are increased torsional stability, greater edge protection, enhanced power transfer to the edges, improved vibration dampening, greater strength and a full length flex from tip to tail. Translated, these will ride like no other skiboards you have ridden.

Wood core: vertically laminated, hand selected cold temperature birch wood core runs the full length of the skiboards, tip to tail. This provides a lighter weight, yet superior strength. The benefit of Northern Hemisphere Birch is that the colder temperatures cause the trees to grow at a slower pace, thus creating a denser, yet lighter wood. As a result, the birch wood core is very light, yet super strong and durable. Cores are vertically laminated for extra strength.The high energy, lively wood core is sandwiched between two top layers of triaxial fiberglass (new layer added this season) for torsional strength and a layer of triaxial fiberglass underneath. An additional layer of Kevlar is is added for not only extra strength and impact resistance, but super long durability that maintains the energetic pop in the skiboards. These skiboards offer just the right combination of flex and torsional stiffness providing a super smooth ride without the chatter no matter how much you lay it over. In addition, a rubber dampening layer is included to absorb vibrations while still allowing maximum road feel.

360 full wrap Rockwell carbon steel edges: protects your skiboards from those unexpected dings while providing superior edge grip. Edges are sand blasted prior to assembly to ensure a perfect, secure fit.

Wide Body Shape: a large skiboard surface area for maximum stability, floatation and speed.

Symmetrical Twin-tips: makes it easier to ride forwards as well as backwards. Excellent handling in the parks and pipes. Also, makes for the most perfect carves.

Die-cut Sintered bases: this is one of the best base materials for durability, maximum wax absorption and speed. These p-tex 4000 bases have less friction and thus more speed as well as less vulnerability to abrasion and impacts.

3D Carbonium Top Sheet: one of the strongest top sheets available (and very rare) that not only offers amazing top sheet protection from those potential dings and chips, but allows the sharp graphics to show through in all their detail. Includes UV protective layer.

Aluminum reinforcement layer: provides extra retention for release bindings, yet not adding weight and does not influence flex in any way. Adds to enhanced edge grip.

Sidewall bevel: 65 degree sidewall bevel. Angled sidewalls further protect the top sheet from dings and chips.

Edge bevel – 1 degree base and side bevel of 88 degrees: great for carving with ease. These aggressive edges are amazing on ice and lay it over carving.



Length: 96cm
Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 14.3/10.0/13.3 cm
Tip/Tail Height: 6/6 cm
Turn Radius: 4 m
Effective Edge: 61cm

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