Summit Bamboo 110 cm Skiboards
Summit Bamboo 110 cm Skiboards Summit Bamboo Pro 110 cm Skiboards base Summit Bamboo Pro 110 cm Skiboards bases Summit Bamboo Pro 110 cm Skiboards Techine SB Bindings Summit Bamboo Pro 110 cm Skiboards top Summit Bamboo pro 110 cm Skiboards with Atomic M10 Bindings

Summit Bamboo Pro 110cm Skiboards

5.00 out of 5


The Summit Bamboo Pro 110 cm Skiboards feature fast die cut sintered bases (for speed and glide), aggressive beveled edges (for grip), twin tip high energy wood core and a bamboo top sheet (for sheer fun enhancing stability at speed as well as being slightly stiffer for higher performance).

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Summit Bamboo Pro 110 cm Skiboards – “High performance is what Summit Skiboards is all about. This year we are proud to bring back the custom Bamboo Pro 110 cm. The 110 cm is a true all mountain skiboard, comfortable anywhere and in any conditions. Super beautiful with an added highly durable carbonium top sheet” — Doc Roberts, President, Summit Skiboards, Inc.

The Summit Bamboo Pro 110cm Skiboards features fast die cut graphite sintered bases (for speed and glide), aggressive beveled edges (for grip), twin tip high energy wood core and a custom carbon top sheet (for sheer fun enhancing stability at speed). These great looking skiboards are truly ready to rip. As with all Summit Skiboards, these are handcrafted, one pair at a time and designed with one goal in mind — to take the sport of skiboarding to a new level of high performance. You truly can push the limits of what you thought was possible on skiboards. The Bamboo top sheet adds enhanced stability in edging (double wood construction), a delightful flex and higher energy performance. Customers always comment on how gorgeous these are.

The parabolic sidecut is constructed to function impeccably with the solid Northern Hemisphere Birch wood core. This high energy construction delivers almost effortless carves, with stability at speeds that will truly surprise you. This consistent tip to tail flex brings a new level of carving to skiboards, whether in glove dragging lay it over carves or ripping the moguls. Traditional camber provides edge grip you can count on. Designed for all mountain riding, these custom skiboards are at home anywhere in the resorts including those breath taking steep chutes, bumps or flying through the glades. Excellent in the pipes and parks. You can ride off the back tails and know you’re supported, allowing for super fast advanced turns.

For backcountry enthusiasts, the Bamboo 110’s are the perfect ascent skis – providing an ease in climbing, so light you hardly notice them on your feet, combined with the perfect design for ripping your line down the slopes. The wide body platform allows you to blast those deep powder stashes with ease, offering awesome floatation. These work great with AT bindings with two position climbing.

These symmetrical twin tips were designed for ease of riding whether forwards or backwards or just spinning down the mountain and making yourself dizzy! No mass produced skiboards can compare to the smooth ride of these Bamboo 110 skiboards, no matter what you choose to do on the slopes.

New this season is a special sintered graphite base for maximum wax retention, durability and enhanced speed.

Recommended for: advanced to expert riders and for intermediate riders who are ready to take a quantum leap. The Bamboo is designed for aggressive riders, high flyers and definitely pushing the limits (or if you just want to look cool)!

Great for: all mountain riding, backcountry, pipes and parks, glades and cruising the groomers in style.

Groomed: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
All Mountain: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Terrain Parks: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Powder: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Backcountry: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sold in Pairs.

Tuning: These come with fully tuned edges. We recommend a hot wax before riding to provide maximum glide and protect the bases. You can also do it yourself with our  Quick Mini Tune Kit.

Base color may vary between Red/black letters and black/red letters.

Warranty: 2 years

Recommended Bindings:

One unique thing about the Summit Bamboo 110cm Skiboards is that they accommodate a full range of binding options, including the Atomic Release bindings, AT bindings, telemark bindings or even snowboard bindings — like the Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings. A special aluminum layer (does not inhibit flex) is installed beneath the top sheet for greater retention of mounted release bindings as well as providing enhanced edge grip. In addition, the 110 features 4 stainless steel inserts to easily accept non-release and any snowboard bindings.

We premount the release bindings for you and include free wide brakes.

Atomic M10 Step-in Release Bindings:  These are our choice for adjustable, step-in release bindings this season. These come with free mounting and wide brakes at no extra charge. These Atomic bindings do no inhibit flex in any way and bend with your skiboards thus providing maximum performance.

Atomic Strive MNC 11 High Performance Step-in Release Bindings: Take a step up in performance with higher DIN setting (3.5-11) for you truly adventurous souls. High performance construction for those who charge it, like jumps, tree runs and all. Beefed up bindings for more advanced riders. Comes with free mounting and wide brakes at no extra charge. These Atomic bindings do not inhibit flex in any way and bend with your skiboards thus providing maximum performance.

Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings
Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard Bindings: Yes, these can be mounted with any Snowboard bindings or purchase ours. Finally, boots that feel like snowboard boots because they are! Inserts hold your bindings secure. It is highly recommended to purchase our Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings with Summit riser kit to elevate your bindings so you can truly lay it over on carving. Fits boot sizes 7-14 or 6-8. NOTE: Your local resort may require leashes for both feet. To purchase leashes click here.

Note: While there are currently no specific guidelines or laws preventing the use of non-release bindings on skiboards even up to 140cm, the longer length skiboards when used with non-release bindings do increase the risk of injury. Should you choose to use non-release bindings you do so at your own risk knowing full well that there is the chance of serious injury.


All About Skiboard Bindings

Bags: The 125 cm Carry Bag fits these with ski bindings. If you order with snowboard bindings choose the 130 cm Padded Skiboard Bag Double.

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Snowboard Bindings Adaptor Kit, Atomic M10 Release Bindings, Atomic Warden Strive MNC 11 High Performance Ski Bindings, Technine Custom Pro DS Snowboard Bindings, Without Bindings

Ability Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

Preferred Bindings

Ski Release Bindings, Snowboard Bindings

Preferred Terrain

Backcountry/Powder, Groomed, On/off Trail, Terrain Park


ABS Sidewall Construction: sidewall construction offers many advantages over cap construction. Among these advantages are increased torsional stability, greater edge protection, enhanced power transfer to the edges, improved vibration dampening, greater strength and a full length flex from tip to tail. Translated, these will ride like no other skiboards you have ridden.

Traditional Camber: Camber produces stable footing at high speed with maximum edge grip, being able to tackle early morning groomed to East Coast ice without effort. This means smooth carving edges that you can trust when you need it the most.

Wood core: vertically laminated, hand selected cold temperature birch wood core runs the full length of the skiboards, tip to tail. This provides a lighter weight, yet superior strength. The benefit of Northern Hemisphere Birch is that the colder temperatures cause the trees to grow at a slower pace, thus creating a denser, yet lighter wood. As a result, the birch wood core is very light, yet super strong and durable. Cores are vertically laminated for extra strength.The high energy, lively wood core is sandwiched between two top layers of triaxial fiberglass (new layer added this season) for torsional strength and a layer of triaxial fiberglass underneath. An additional layer of Kevlar is is added for not only extra strength and impact resistance, but super long durability that maintains the energetic pop in the skiboards. These skiboards offer just the right combination of flex and torsional stiffness providing a super smooth ride without the chatter no matter how much you lay it over. In addition, a rubber dampening layer is included to absorb vibrations while still allowing maximum road feel.

Stainless Steel Inserts: (for non-release bindings) 4 stainless steel inserts are centered within each skiboard, in a standard 40 X 40mm skiboard binding mount pattern. This increases the retention strength of the non-release bindings and allows for quick and accurate mounting, making it easy to interchange with other 4 hole pattern bindings. These will fit standard non-release skiboard bindings or Snowboard bindings like the Technine Custom Pro Snowboard bindings for skiboards.

360 full wrap Rockwell carbon steel edges: protects your skiboards from those unexpected dings while providing superior edge grip. Edges are sand blasted prior to assembly to ensure a perfect, secure fit.

Wide Body Shape: a large skiboard surface area for maximum stability, floatation and speed.

Symmetrical Twin-tips: makes it easier to ride forwards as well as backwards (fakie). Excellent handling in the parks and pipes. Also, makes for the most perfect carves.

Aluminum reinforcement layer: provides extra retention for release bindings while not inhibiting flex in any way. This also provides enhanced edge grip.

Bamboo plus Carbonium 3D Top Sheet: for just the right amount of additional torsional stability for riding hard and superior edge grip. Bamboo adds to long term durability as well as smoother flex.

Beveled Sidewalls: to further protect the top sheet.

Die Cut Sintered graphite bases: these are made of one of the best base materials – 4000 p-tex sintered graphite – for greater durability, maximum wax absorption and speed. These bases have less friction and thus more speed as well as less vulnerability to abrasion and impacts. These are highly durable bases that allow for maximum wax absorption to ensure a smooth glide, while offering the ability to attain speeds that are truly impressive.

Edge bevel – 1 degree base and side bevel of 88 degrees: great for carving with ease. These aggressive edges are just right for ice, and lay it over carving.



Length: 110 cm
Tip/tail height: 4.5/4.5 cm
Tip/waist/tail width: 14/11/14 cm
Turn Radius: 7.2 m

Effective Edge: 91cm